Chechen Style Combat Sambo

Classes for Adults and Children

Gym Etiquette

The CCC follows the traditional Caucasian, English and the Japanese etiquettes.

Reigi, proper etiquette, pronounced “reye-gee” is steeped within the Japanese culture, and especially in Traditional Martial Arts Schools. It is based upon respect of one’s Sensei(Coach), seniors, school, and equipment etc. However, in practise it is not as simple as this. Every action has a prescribed method, and failure to adhere to this behaviour may be taken as poor behaviour and respect. In some cases resulting in a severe insult. To the western mind these codes of conduct are hard to grasp and are much less rigid in practise. Nevertheless, as practising martial artists we should endeavour to follow Reigi to the best we can, and strive for its improvement. Because at the end of the day good etiquette is what separates us from some of our poor respecting peers. It is how we should interact with other human beings and therefore treat them with respect and courtesy as we ourselves would like to be treated. Reigi is then the cornerstone of how we conduct ourselves in our martial arts and everyday life.  Without this Reigi our martial arts becomes another exercise activity, providing the physical benefits, but lacking the character and depth that it can offer. Etiquette develops discipline, through which comes structure and through structure we become familiar with the concepts that are being taught. However, this will then spill into everyday life to make us a better person. This is one reason why parents enrol their children in martial arts classes. However, it can be overlooked in some schools and also in everyday life.

Reigi should always come from the heart, with meaning, and not just paying “lip-service” to it; otherwise what is the point if you don’t really mean it.